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Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 reportes in Nigeria

Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 70 in Lagos 7 in FCT 3 in Katsina 3 in Akwa Ibom 1 in Jigawa 1 in Bauchi 1 in Borno As at 11:50 pm 19th April there are 627 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 170 Deaths: 21

Love at First Sight ,How true is it?..

     Love at first sight is a widely debated notion. We are all familiar with stories and movies of ‘’Boy meets girl’’ , heart races, pupil dilates ,butterflies in the stomach and as they say, the rest is history.     I really don’t think it’s possible to really fall in love with someone at first sight,but am quite sure there’s certainly such thing as attraction at first sight ..    Some years ago, I was in a queue trying to get registered in school. A guy drove in and as he got out of the car.I don’t know what it was , and I was stuck .I stared at him for so long.After exchanging pleasantries with some people, he drove off.      I was so tired that I decided to eat in one of the eateries in school, when he walked into the eatery,I gasped for breath.well, I never got to speak with him for once, and neither did I get to fall in love with him. I later got to understand that I was just attracted to the way he carried himself…his carriage ,confidence got my attention.     Jus

The quest for beauty !!

   In our everyday lives, we all want to be reminded about how gorgeous we look. Compliments like ‘’ You look hot’’…..’’You look so gorgeous’’…or gosh !!you are so fine!!!…could bring smile to the face of a depressed or an angry person.     Beauty is something we all crave for,I often hear people say that very attractive people tend to get more job opportunities than the less attractive ones  I really don’t know true it is ,because a wise person will never give a dull person a job even if he/she is the most beautiful person in the world. .With all our resources ,we go after things that could really make us attractive and gorgeous.        In our quest for beauty,it suprises me what so many people do in order to be not taking about the normal cleansing and moisturizing regimen we do every morning.I mean using dangerous bleaching creams, frequent and irrelevant plastic surgeries, excessive make up{ this actually make some ladies look like masquerade or dolls. Some peo

An unexpected beneficial tragedy

    Standing close to the window,I pulled the curtain rails to the right….I was looking through the window from my office located on the third floor of the central hospital.It’s just 10am in the morning,I could see the sky turning cloudy and darker, I needed no one to tell me it’s going to rain soon.        There I stood stairing,the rain dropped heavily,while it rained…..memories flooded back..rushing through my mind. ‘’Mama, Mama’’…. I said in a weeping voice.Please talk to Baba for me, I don’t want to get married to that dirty old man.I…………… …… sobbing profusely, I didn’t know what else to say .I have cried and pleaded with my parents ever since they told me Alhaji Sanni is coming to take me away. Drawing me close to her chest,Mama said…’’Aisha!!!..wipe your tears,it’s a good thing you are getting married.That’s our tradition,the culture cannot change because of your fantasies,dreams and desires.It just can’t change child……it comes to a stage in life when we all have to make

Staying close to your partner while you are so far away

     After one year of dating Richard, Janet knew he was the man for her. They had laughed ,cried,suffered,and struggled together.

Falling in love with the wrong person!!!

        You might have been in this situation at one point or the order in your life ,or you have friends having sleepless nights,worries over this issue .

The Monster You must kill,before it destroys You

     Yes….a monster that’s what it is.It is only quickened and awakened when you assume someone is better than you in one area or the other.

Dedicated to the waiting Sisters

        As a young girl,I had imagined a picture of a friend,lover,soulmate in my heart.A friend to share all with,never to be ashamed of anything,be it my past or mistakes.