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Tchidi Chikere Denies Impregnating Actress After Collapsed Marriage [Press Release]

Tchidi chikere Tchidi Chikere Responds to Malicious Report on true state of his marriage Press Release Our attention has been drawn to a malicious report by a softsell magazine and selected blogs about our client, Tchidi Chikere on the state of his marriage and the reasons behind his decision to walk away from the nine-year union. In the said report, the soft sell publication claimed Tchidi has impregnated an actress, is currently living with the said actress and also planning to tie the knot with her by the end of the year. The report is at best laughable and absolutely untrue. So that truth will not be turned on its head and silence taken as admission of guilt, we wish to make the following points clear: 1.        Nobody is pregnant for our client. We couldn’t fathom that reporters who delight in fabricating falsehood in the name of gossip would go through this ridiculous and laughable route. Pregnancy is not something that can be hidden, and according to our findings, the said a