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Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 reportes in Nigeria

Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 70 in Lagos 7 in FCT 3 in Katsina 3 in Akwa Ibom 1 in Jigawa 1 in Bauchi 1 in Borno As at 11:50 pm 19th April there are 627 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 170 Deaths: 21

The Tupac Shakur Foundation soon to release new songs from the rapper

It might come as a surprise that more than a decade after the death of rap star,Tupac, many songs from him are yet unreleased. As always, The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, founded in 1997 is clearly intending to keep the iconic rapper's legacy alive in the hearts of the fans by releasing new songs from the rapper. The posthumous track which will feature a host of hip hop artistes will be available on the rapper's website and the proceeds from the purchases will be donated to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Center for the Arts in Stone Mountain, Georgia Pac lives on.

Elvis Presley Hologram In The Works Following Tupac's

Elvis Presley     Like the much-hyped Tupac Shakur hologram that debuted at the Coachella music festival,King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley will get the virtual treatment by the same company that made the late rapper's lifelike hologram.      Digital Domain Media Group, creator of the "holographic" Tupac Shakur has announced an exclusive deal with the Core Media Group to jointly produce a series of "virtual" Elvis likenesses for a range of entertainment projects.     According to Digital Domain ,the virtual Elvis will soon be seen in film, on television and in other venues. Concerts appear to be a clear possibility. Digital Domain says it will announce soon where audiences can expect to see the first virtual Elvis performances.    The King of Rock 'n' Roll remains one of the most popular figures in music despite his death in 1977.    Marilyn Monroe Hologram is also  in the works according to reports

"I Am Not Convinced Tupac is Dead"-Suge Knight

Tupac and suge knight   Rap mogul Suge Knight thinks tupac is still alive. Days after Tupac Shakur appeared in hologram form at a California concert, Knight suggested the rapper might just be in hiding.   “ Nobody seen Tupac dead, ” Knight told Los Angeles radio station 93.5 KDAY on Friday.He goes on to explain why cops never found Pac’s murderer because there was no murder.   “ Maybe the question is  Pac’s not really dead , Pac’s somewhere else .”   Knight explains, “ The person who supposedly cremated Tupac … this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me cash and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again he retired and left. ”   Knight was with Tupac when he was slain in a hail of bullets in Las Vegas in 1996. His killer has never been found.Tupac was resurrected at the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday , performing via a high-definition 3-D holographic projection system.

Tupac To Tour With Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

Tupac's hologram at coachella festival    Rap Moguls Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg have disclosed they are planning to take tupac on tour.         The Tupac hologram stunned crowds at Coachella festival as he made his way onto the stage and shouted "What's up Coachella?"      The Wall Street Journal reported that Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre's reps have claimed the rappers are planning a tour with the late rapper's hologram! Fans and celebrities took to Twitter after the performance, with Katy Perry telling her followers: " I think I might have cried when I saw Tupac ".     Rihanna tweeted a photograph of herself with 'Thug Life' scrawled across her midriff, emulating the late rapper's own tattoo. Rihanna shows thug life tatoo with warren G and Snoop Dogg

Over $1 million offered for unreleased song in Tupac sex tape

      An offer of over $1 million (£642,000) has been made in the relation to the  Tupac  sex tape, but only for the rights to the unreleased track which is playing in the background. According to US gossip site TMZ, the CEO of NOHO, a US firm which manufactures a drink that promises to ensure that people don't have hangovers after a night out, has offered the money to use the track as the theme tune for a new commercial. News that a sex tape featuring the rapper existed emerged last week and two rival pornographic companies were reportedly ready to pay over $150,000 (£98,000) for it, but after hearing of its existence, the rapper's family have made it very clear that they "will sue anyone who tries to sell a Tupac tape".    According to an official spokesman for Tupac's estate, only his family can authorize the use of Tupac's image for commercial use and they are not prepared to allow his image to be used for this.    The tape was reportedly made in

Tupac Shakur Remembered 15 Years Later

,         Tupac Skakur died, 15 years ago on September 13. Today we take a look back at the tragic night in Las Vegas when 'Pac and Death Row founder Suge Knight were fired upon, hitting the multiple award winning rapper multiple times.

Tupac shakur comes to lagos

tupac shakur       The Makaveli Music Group, LLC and the Tupac Shakur family are set to release  a double CD family tribute album this summer.

Remembering Tupac shakur at 40

16/06/1971 - 13/09/1996     Today 16th of June,2011 is Late Tupac amaru shakur's 40th Birthday as he was born on 16th of June 1971 at East harlem section of Manhattan in new york city.

Remembering the rap legend -Tupac shakur

Tupac shakur(June 16,1971 - Sept 13 ,1996) Today 13th sept, marks 14 years Tupac died due to gunshot in las vegas . Shakur  sold over 75 million albums worldwide, making him one of the best-selling music artists in the world and the second highest selling rap artist behind Eminem.