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Tuesday, June 21

Tupac shakur comes to lagos

tupac shakur

      The Makaveli Music Group, LLC and the Tupac Shakur family are set to release a double CD family tribute album this summer.
To promote the tribute album,the Makaveli Music Group is organizing ‘The Official Tupac Shakur Family and Friends Tour 2011’ – a tour aimed at celebrating the life of Tupac Amaru Shakur who would have been 40 years old on the 16th of June 2011.

   The CEO of Makaveli Music Group, Kendrick Lesane (Tupac’s cousin) has been in talks with One Management, a leading Nigeria based Talent Management and Entertainment Events Management Firm, to hold a Hip-Hop Summit and Concert in the heart and soul of Nigeria - Lagos State, in September 2011. The Tour will be a 2 day event consisting of a Hip-Hop Summit and the Tupac Tribute Concert.

    The Summit is aimed at promoting Youth Development and Empowerment. Features of the Summit include a talk shop which will have close knit members of Tupac’s family talk about his life, his contribution to the hip-hop culture, lessons learnt and the effect of one of hip hop’s greatest rap icons on the average Youth and on the Nigerian side, Artistes who have been influenced by Tupac’s music, talk about the impact of the hip hop culture in the Nigerian context. Other features will be a showcase of   underground talents, giving them a platform to showcase their individual talents through judged cipher sessions (rap battles).

    Emem Ema of One Management says, one of the major objectives for the summit is to send out a strong message to the Nigerian Youth about channeling their energy and talent positively through the medium of music as hip hop is a platform that encourages creativity and entrepreneurship. Tupac was not just a rapper; he was a poet, writer, actor, activist and legend who used his talent to create a whole movement.Kendrick Lesane of the Makaveli Music Group said “the Tupac family is excited about promoting in Nigeria, Tupac’s legacy of the youth, creating something positive out of dire circumstances. It will be our first time in Africa and we are looking forward to it.”

   The concert will consist of performances from an international hip-hop act, members of the Tupac Family; and some of Nigeria’s leading Hip Hop Artists who in addition to performing their own tracks will bring an African flavour
to some of Tupac’s renowned songs. The Tour hopes to Provide an avenue for young individuals to show the depth
of their imagination and creativity (in terms of writing and even dance),and to help promote critical thinking through hip-hop.