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The New Sexy

       A guy screaming orobo(a slang for a fat person) as I walked down the street jolted me back to the fact that I needed to do something about my weight.  I have done all the diets under earth including but not limited to atkins diet,dr oz diet,3 day diet,water diet. I only lose weight for the time being and put it back on when I get off the diet   .        Exercise on its own makes me so hungry when I am done. who can ignore the look of mouth watering pepperoni pizza,bacon double cheese burger from burger king or the awesome fries from macdonalds. I can't just stop eating and the weight piles back on  I have even considered gastric bypass staring at celebrities like kim kardashian and beyonce, I really just want to be the hot girl on the spot    I wish I was born in the time of my parents when african beauty was judged by the chubbiness of a woman,her christian mother arms and her jiggly tummy but now all that is an outdated fad.  Now we celebrate the skinniness of a woman