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Rapper Vector Celebrates 30th birthday With New song

After one year of creative hibernation,the man some have called nigeria's finest lyricist is back. Rapper vector tha viper turns 30 today ,7th of august,2014 and he has just released a song tilted 'where is vector which is inspired by the trending hashtag of the same name driven by fans hungry for the talent of the artiste. The rapper reveals he will release a mixtape titled 'A7'in september at an official launch event. Check the tracklist of the mixtape below A7 TRACK LISTING 1. Redefined 2. W.i.V (Where is Vector?) 3. Celestial body 4. Shut down Skit 5. Slow feeling 6. Tupac Bass 7. Alright 8. Crazy 9. Confessions 10. Oga Police 11. Red eye 12. Heal (Medicine) 13. Final Note