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Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 reportes in Nigeria

Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 70 in Lagos 7 in FCT 3 in Katsina 3 in Akwa Ibom 1 in Jigawa 1 in Bauchi 1 in Borno As at 11:50 pm 19th April there are 627 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 170 Deaths: 21

O Music Awards Dance Marathon Sets Guinness Record following Nigerian rapper Chiddy's

The dancers     A dance team sets a Guinness World Record at the O Music Awards on Monday night.A group of tireless hoofers grinded it out for 24 hours to snatch the Guinness record for the Longest Team Dance Marathon. The group of dancers , a lucky 13  assembled at the Roxy in Hollywood on Halloween Eve to kick off their attempt with some musical assistance from DJ Diamond Kuts. And then they were off, tearing it up, with minimal five-minute breaks per hour, for 24 hours.       It was all for a good cause, to raise awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month and to raise cash for a number of anti-bullying campaigns from groups including GLAAD, GLSEN, GSA Network, HRC and the It Gets Better Project and Trevor Project.    The dancers celebrated by stomping the balloons and, well, doing a bit more dancing to MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This," pausing only to receive their official Guinness World Record certificate.        Nigerian rapper Chiddy of Chiddy bang

MTV OMAs to set another world record after Nigerian rapper chiddy's

chiddy of chiddybang breaks guiness world record        MTV  is hoping to set a world record with a marathon dance party.   The network will livestream a dance party aiming to surpass the 55-hour record set in Ireland in 2006. The dance party will be a featured part of MTV's second O Music Awards, a newfangled award show that celebrates digital music.     The party will begin Oct. 29 and run into the Oct. 31 OMAs. The first OMAs in April featured rapper Chiddy of Chiddy Bang breaking the Guinness World record for longest freestyle rap.  The second OMAs will take place in Los Angeles, with the dance party being held in a separate L.A. location.    The livestream will also promote awareness for LGBT youth issues, and urge viewers to donate to several organizations.

Breaking News;Nigeria's Chiddy of Chiddy bang enters Guiness world records for longest rap freestyle

C broke the news of Nigeria's chiddy of chiddybang trying to enter Guiness world records for longest rap freestyle