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Court Insists NDLEA Pays Baba Suwe the N25M Compensation
Baba Suwe:NDLEA Asks Court for Stay of Execution on N25Million Judgement
NDLEA to appeal Baba suwe's N25M Judgment
Court orders NDLEA to pay Baba Suwe N25M compensation
NDLEA didn't arrest or humiliate me - Stella damasus debunks rumours
"I now have leg injury as i was chained like a common criminal "- Baba Suwe
How NDLEA pumped water into my anus to make me excrete – Baba Suwe
Baba suwe finally released but may be re-arrested by NDLEA
Baba Suwe finally ordered to be released on friday + Photos of court appearance
Baba Suwe still under observation but shall defecate soon-NDLEA
Court orders NDLEA to produce Baba Suwe physically as agency denies him relief funds
Baba suwe's ingested drugs might be forced to remove if he doesn't excrete -NDLEA
Baba suwe seeks Annulment of Detention order
Narcotic drugs still in baba suwe's body-CT scan revealed
NDLEA - Baba suwe is a gentleman,we didn't accuse him
Copy of letter Baba Suwe's lawyer sent to Director General of  NDLEA
Baba suwe finally sues NDLEA for 1BN over detention
Baba suwe made third excretion -No drug found as Nollywood stars protest
Baba Suwe will Excrete Six times before we release him - NDLEA
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