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Tuesday, October 25

Baba suwe's ingested drugs might be forced to remove if he doesn't excrete -NDLEA

   Popular Nollywood comic actor, Baba suwe is still with the NDLEA and he is yet to excrete the narcotic drugs believed to be in his body after the court ordered the NDLEA to keep him for another 15 days starting from october 21.
    An official of the agency, who spoke with an online publication yesterday , explained that the agency might seek the courts permission to subject Baba Suwe to further tests to remove the ingested drugs by insertion instead of further waiting for the actor to excrete the drugs. A situation which he said might result into dire consequences for him. Extended period of observation might lead to a situation whereby the drugs might burst into the actors system, which will be fatal for him.

       We have subjected Baba Suwe to General Scanning (using Soter R S scanner) and CT scan, both of which indicated high probability of ingestion of narcotic drug, which hasnt get defecated several days after confinement. Conscious of the need to operate within the ambit of the law,but determined to truly ascertain the innocence or otherwise of Baba Suwe, we were forced to apply for court permission to keep him under observation for a further 15 days.
     Three days after the court permission, Baba Suwe is yet to excrete the substances suspected to be narcotic drugs. So we might seek the courts leave to subject him to optic fibre endoscopy or laparoscopy, the source explained.