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Ryan Leslie Sued For Not Giving 1 Million Dollar reward as Promised

    Ryan Leslie had his laptop stolen during a tour through Cologne, Germany back in October 2010, and immediately offered a $20,000 reward for whoever found it. After no one had returned the laptop, Ryan then raised it to a whopping $1 million. The bag containing his computer and other equipment was found in a park, but Ryan Leslie is not paying the good citizen his reward money. After many tweets and interviews explaining the importance of the bag which contained a valuable library of beats and tracks he recorded, many were on the look to find the million dollar bag.     However, the R&B crooner has yet to pay up the promised million after an upstanding citizen found his computer. Armin Augstein found the bag with the laptop a month after it went missing while he was walking his dog in a park.    A 52-year-old German man who recovered the laptop is suing Ryan Leslie for the $1 million fee plus interest, according to the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan. VIA