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State of Mind By Stella Damasus

I was too stunned, confused and shocked to write anything last week. On the first of June, I was at home trying to make a decision whether to go to Lagos from Abuja on Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd. I had two events on that Saturday that I really did not think I had the energy for, seeing that I just finished filming my short film: When Is It Enough?. I just wanted to rest on Saturday and then head to Lagos on Sunday because I was to co-host the Miss Global beauty pageant. Truth is I finally made up my mind to go on Sunday so that I could rest on Saturday. So, Saturday morning came and I packed my suitcase with clothes for just the Sunday event and for my trip to America. I also tried to call my agent to book my flight to Lagos the next day, Sunday, with Dana because it had become my favourite airline. I even made friends with the staff and their pilots. The network was so bad that I could not reach my agent. Then I got a call from my friend and brother, Lamboghinny, who told me