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Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 reportes in Nigeria

Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 70 in Lagos 7 in FCT 3 in Katsina 3 in Akwa Ibom 1 in Jigawa 1 in Bauchi 1 in Borno As at 11:50 pm 19th April there are 627 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 170 Deaths: 21

50 Cent Blasts Son - "Would Rather Take 6ix9ine For a Son"

There’s more bad blood between 50 Cent and his son. While going live on Instagram on Tuesday, the hip-hop mogul was asked if he had heard from 6ix9ine since he was released from prison to home confinement. “No, I ain’t heard from him. He’s his mother’s child now. He told on everybody,” said 50 of the rapper-turned-snitch. He then proceeded to take a shot at his own son, Marquise Jackson, whom he shares with Shaniqua Tompkins. “He better than Marquise though. I’ll take him before I take my actual [son],” he laughed. “Fuck that ni**a.” It wasn’t long before Marquise caught wind of his comments and clapped back on his Instagram Story. “Did he just say he would claim a rat?” the 24-year-old asked in disbelief. “Aww nah, I want no part to that cheese. I don’t know what y’all got going on over there. That’s some other shit. Stupid!”

Listen - Ed Sheeran Collaborates with 50 Cent and Eminem on 'Remember the Name'

See 50 Cent's New Girlfriend ( Photos)

50 Cent has a new girlfriend and she is no other than popular instagram fitness model, Chanel. They were recently spotted together at a boxing fight. See more photos of Chanel below.

50 Cent Threatens to Walk Away From Power in Heated Instagram Post

    In a  heated Instagram post , the actor, who also executive-produces the show, put Starz on blast and threatened to walk out over the network's treatment of its highest-rated drama.     "I woke up feeling a little different about POWER this morning," he wrote on Monday. "If the biggest show on your net work doesn't mean anything, what does your network mean STARZ? I'm taking my talents to south beach f--- this." I woke up feeling a little different about POWER this morning . If the biggest show on your net work doesn't mean anything, what does your network mean STARZ? I'm taking my talents to south beach fuck this. A post shared by 50 Cent (@50cent) on Jul 31, 2017 at 6:26am PDT

50 cent and Floyd Mayweather Challenge each other to a Boxing Match

  Former best friends ,rapper 50cent and boxing champion floyd mayweather are still at loggerheads . Now they are challenging each other to a fight at the MGM Grand.  Mayweather called out 50 Cent to a real 12 round boxing match at MGM Grand in Las Vegas for $12,000,000 cash via Twitter.   50 has been mocking maywather for not being able to read for a while now and  few hours ago,50 posted on his instagram  @floydmayweather  I love you like a brother. Call fanny, and tawana your sister's love your crazy ass.check on Devon you are forgetting the people who matter boy. If you want to fight I'll be in Vegas next week.     This is  going to be an interesting fight if it happens .

50 cent takes jab at Floyd Mayweather using Ice bucket challenge

      Rapper,50 Cent is back at it again.This time,he is taking a jab at his former friend(now turned foe)champion boxer,Floyd Mayweather.    The rapper posted a video asking Mayweather to take part in a challenge except it doesn't involve a bucket of ice, or even the ALS Foundation.   "This is a special ALS/ELS challenge for you Floyd," the hip hop star said. "If you could read one full page of a 'Harry Potter' book ... I'll give $750,000 to whatever charitable organization you want to."   "F--- the bucket of ice, man," he concluded the clip, which shows his throwing a bucket of ice towards his backyard.I think 50 should save it and give us hits like he used to.First,T.I,now 50 cent.When did Floyd the boxer become less threatening?

How 50 cent supported Remy Ma when she was in prison

    Female rapper,Remy ma was released from prison earlier this month and it was revealed by her that a number of people  supported her while she was locked up, too, and chief among them was 50 Cent. "When I needed letters for my appeal, saying that if in fact I was released I would have a job and this is how I would stay out of trouble and reintegrate into society," Remy began, during terviewRemy Ma Talks Getting Support From 50 Cent, "50 Cent had no problem not once, but twice signing letters saying that, 'She would definitely have somewhere to work.' And it wasn't a delay. I didn't feel like I had to chase anybody around." Rem also shouted out Keyshia Cole for supporting her early on, and said that once she was allowed to call cell phones, and not just land lines, she began to have increased contact with some fellow MCs. That's when she started connecting with guys like French Montana and Jadakiss, each of whom sh

50 Cent Injured After Crash With A Mack Truck,Hospitalized [Photos]

50 cent being taken to the hospital    G-Unit Leader 50 cent was involved in a bad car accident lastnight as his bullet-proof SUV was rear-ended by a mack truck in new york city .     He was put on a stretcher and taken to the nearest Queens hospital where they are currently running test on his neck and back. His driver is also currently in the hospital as the SUV almost flipped over. 50's bullet-proof SUV The mack truck

Former G-Unit Rapper Young Buck Sentenced to 18 Months In Prison For Gun Possession

Young Buck          Former G-Unit member David darnell brown known as Young Buck has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for possessing firearms as a convicted felon.     Authorities discovered weapons in Buck’s home after the IRS raided his Tennessee mansion back in 2010, but the rapper has been prohibited from owning firearms since 2004.          B uck was evictied from his 5,000 square foot mansion in Tennessee which was sold off to help cover his outstanding tax debt, but now a judge has signed off on an 18 month term, although the rapper won’t be formally sentenced until July 13th.       During a raid by the IRS in 2010, authorities discovered a .40 caliber Glock 22 as well as ammunition for the firearm, according TMZ.       Buck has been prohibited from possessing a weapon since he stabbed a man at the 2004 VIBE Awards in an attempt to protect Dr. Dre which resulted in a felony conviction for Buck   Young buck was one of the prominent members of 50 cent's G

Lil Wayne, 50cent,Justin Bieber Celebrate Victory With Floyd Mayweather Jr.

    Floyd Mayweather Jr . celebrated his win over Miguel Cotto at Saturday’s fight with hip-hop heavyweights and pop-stars.         The undefeated champ  beat opponent Miguel Cotto on points at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, in Las Vegas, to add to his collection of titles. Floyd who  walked  away with$32 Million and  WBA light-middleweight title  celebrated in Las Vegas with 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Justin Bieber, who walked him to the ring and held his title belts. Justin bieber carries mayweather's belt 50cent & lil wayne talking Justin bieber Justin bieber,lil wayne, floyd mayweather,50 cent

50 Cent Predicts Own Death- I don't think I'm gonna live much longer

    Hip-Hop Mogul 50 cent has predicted his own death . Following the premature release of his new single  “Girls Go Wild”  which features  Jeremih off his forthcoming album ,the G-Unit CEO expressed his disappointment with his record label , Interscope .   He tweeted  " I have lost all the faith in the team I'm on. I having nothing left to say I will not be promoting my music." He continued with darker tweets "I'll be honest I don't think I'm gonna live much longer. That's why I started my street king movement. I want to mean more in other people's lives".   "To be conscious that life is short is not suicidal. I’m good if I die tonight. I’ve taken care of the people who took care of me when I couldn’t take care of myself.”    50 cent recently signed distribution deal of his energy drink " Street King "with Pepsi to be able to fight hunger in Africa.  50 is not the only one that 've done this , Kanye west las

50 Cent Signs Distribution Deal With Pepsi For His Energy Drink to Feed 1 billion African kids

    Hip-Hop Mogul , 50 Cent has secured a distribution deal of his energy drink street king w hich was launched last year to feed 1 billion African kids in fight against hunger in Africa.      The soft drink giant Pepsi co. distributes products to nearly  200 countries  around the globe, giving  Street King  the ability to grow it's market share exponentially in a very short amount of time.   The deal will also help 50 reach his goal of feeding a   billion  people in need at a much  faster rate. 50 tweeted about it ;     When one bottle of street king is purchased , a meal is automatically provided for a child in need . To date  3.5 million  meals have been funded through united nations world food programme.

50 Cent ,Stevie wonder ,Justin Bieber to Perform at Tonight's X Factor Finale

        Grammy-award winning rapper, writer, and producer 50 Cent will perform at the X-Factor .     He joins Justin Bieber ,  Stevie Wonder ,and  Leona Lewis  for tonight's finale of the US X-Factor . A  winner will emerge among  the three remaining contestants  Chris Rene, Melanie Amaro  and  Josh Krajcik  . The show airs on  Fox  at 8/7C. © celebregion

50 cent feeds 1 billion African Kids in fight against hunger

50 cent and mandela     Rapper 50 cent is planning to feed 1 billion african kids in fight against hunger.He recently     launched an energy drink called  street king   which has already sold out in many stores in the US . The high number of pre-orders of the beverage enabled 50 Cent to send the United Nations a check towards hunger programs.      According to the drink's website, 50 cent travelled  to Africa last year for the worldcup and his eyes were opened to rampant poverty and hunger across the continent.  He said he is in talks with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Usher and Drake about the initiative in order to achieve his aim.The website shows 2.5 Million kids have been fed already.   The rapper said about his fundraising goals,   “I’m really serious about it (hunger relief). So far I’ve been able to feed 2.5 million (kids), but I wanna feed a billion. When I said I’d do it in five years, I was being really conservative. I’ll do it a lot faster I said five years because tha

50 Cent and Nicolas cage land role in Alaska serial murderer film

    50 Cent  and Nicolas cage has landed  significant roles in the upcoming movie  Frozen Ground .     The movie is based on serial killer Robert Hansen aka the " Butcher Baker ." Between 1980-1983 Hansen kidnapped and raped at least 21 women before flying them out to a remote Alaskan location, where he would release, then hunt and kill them.     Initially it was announced that 50 would serve as one of the executive producers of the film, which is being produced by Emmett/Furla Films. Fif has also now landed a " substantial " role in the film as a pimp according to Emmett. “ The director thought that there was a great role for him and I gave him the script ,” Emmett told the Anchorage Daily News. “ He’s basically moved a lot of tour dates and a bunch of stuff that he has on his calendar to be committed and up in Alaska ." Frozen Ground will also star John Cusack as Hansen. Vanessa Hudgens will play 17-year old would-be victim Cindy Paulson, who esca

50 Cent’s “Things Fall Apart” gets title Change to avoid collision with Chinua achebe's

     Curtis "50cent" Jackson's new movie  title has been changed from " things fall apart' to " All things fall apart" .

New movie trailer;Setup starring 50 cent and Bruce willis

N ew movie starring  Curtis"50 cent " Jackson,Bruce willis and Ryan phillipe .Setup is a movie about betrayal,thirst for revenge. It will shake Box office when it finally comes out .see the trailer below. 

X factor reject,Gamu signed to 50 cent's G-Note records

            British X-factor reject and zimbabwean born singer Gamu Nhengu has been signed to 50 cent's new founded record label ,G-Note records New york,a subsidiary of G-Unit records.G-Note records was founded by 50 cent last december to promote R&b ,pop and dance acts

50 cent was spotted looking healthy again

Picture of the day

From a muscular and strong Curtis jackson(50 cent) to a very hungry looking man,its part of harwork