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Wednesday, August 27

50 cent and Floyd Mayweather Challenge each other to a Boxing Match

  Former best friends ,rapper 50cent and boxing champion floyd mayweather are still at loggerheads . Now they are challenging each other to a fight at the MGM Grand.  Mayweather called out 50 Cent to a real 12 round boxing match at MGM Grand in Las Vegas for $12,000,000 cash via Twitter.

 50 has been mocking maywather for not being able to read for a while now and  few hours ago,50 posted on his instagram 

@floydmayweather I love you like a brother. Call fanny, and tawana your sister's love your crazy ass.check on Devon you are forgetting the people who matter boy. If you want to fight I'll be in Vegas next week.
    This is  going to be an interesting fight if it happens .