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Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 reportes in Nigeria

Eighty-six new cases of #COVID19 have been reported; 70 in Lagos 7 in FCT 3 in Katsina 3 in Akwa Ibom 1 in Jigawa 1 in Bauchi 1 in Borno As at 11:50 pm 19th April there are 627 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. Discharged: 170 Deaths: 21

Lauryn Hill Pleads Guilty To Tax Charges,Faces Three Years in Prison

      Eight-time Grammy winner   Lauryn Hill has pleaded guilty in New Jersey to not paying her taxes. She was c harged earlier this month with three counts of failing to file tax returns on more than $1.5 million earned from 2005 to 2007.        Hill appeared in U.S. District Court in Newark on Friday and admitted not filing taxes for all three years. She faces a maximum one-year sentence on each count totaling three years .     Lauryn had issued a statement in response to the charges   that she removed herself and her family from society, in order to keep them safe, healthy, and free from danger.         "I kept my life relatively simple, even after huge successes, but it became increasingly obvious that certain indulgences and privileges were expected to come at the expense of my free soul, free mind, and therefore my health and integrity. So I left a more mainstream and public life " , part of the statement reads.

Lauryn Hill issues Statement To Avoid Jail On Tax Evasion

     It was reported few days ago that Ms. Lauryn Hill has been charged with three counts of misdemeanor failure to file taxes.  These charges were incurred for the years of 2005-2007, during a time in which Ms. Hill had removed herself and her family from society, in order to keep them safe, healthy, and free from danger.  In response to these charges, Ms. Hill has issued the following statement on her tumblr page: “For the past several years, I have remained what others would consider underground.  I did this in order to build a community of people, like-minded in their desire for freedom and the right to pursue their goals and lives without being manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex with a completely different agenda.     Having put the lives and needs of other people before my own for multiple years, and having made hundreds of millions of dollars for certain institutions, under complex and sometimes severe circumstances, I began

Lauryn Hill Faces Three 3 years in Jail For Failing To File Tax Returns

Lauryn hill perform at the coachella festival in April        Five-time Grammy winner Lauryn Hill has been charged with failing to file income tax returns for several years with the IRS, the U.S. Attorney's office in New Jersey announced Thursday.        Hill earned more than $1.6 million during 2005, 2006 and 2007, the three years that she allegedly failed to file returns, federal prosecutors said.      According to court papers Hill's primary source of income is royalties from the recording and film industries She also owns and operates four corporations: Creations Music, Inc., Boogie Tours, Inc., L.H. Productions 2001, Inc. and Studio 22, Inc. For each count, Hill, faces a maximum penalty of  three years in jail and $300,000.    Hill is scheduled to appear before a federal magistrate on June 29.

Lauryn Hill gives birth to sixth child

     Lauryn hill  ha s added another member to her growing family. The former Fugee gave birth to a baby boy over the weekend

Lauryn Hill expecting sixth child

Lauryn hill     Lauryn Hill held a concert last night at Chene Park in Detroit, Michigan where she shocked the crowd and announced that she is pregnant with her sixth child.