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Friday, October 21

NDLEA - Baba suwe is a gentleman,we didn't accuse him

baba suwe in NDLEA cell

  The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, may have started singing a new song on why they have detained ace comedian, Baba Suwe, for nine days now, according to an online report published early today.
    The National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has denied ever accusing Nollywood actor, Alhaji Babatunde Omidina, aka, Baba Suwe of ingesting drugs in his body. Rather, the agency is blaming the media for over blowing the story and putting the agency in a precarious position all in a bid to gather scoops for themselves.
 the Public Relations Officer of the agency, Mitchel Ofoyeju, described Baba Suwe as a complete gentleman who is doing everything with- in his purview to assist NDLEAs investigation into whether he ingested drugs while attempting to travel out of Nigeria last week.
    Ofoyeju said the comedian had been cooperating with the agency and was in good and healthy condition while the agency continued to detain him pending the final investi- gations into the case. The agency spokesman, who declined to comment on whether the suspect had excreted three times as being speculated in the Nigerian media, said that the actor remained innocent until proved otherwise. We have never told anybody that he carried drugs in his body.
   Baba Suwe is under observation just like it has been the case with every other sus- pected Nigerian passenger, the law is no respecter of anybody, we dont want to speculate about anything and we will make a comprehensive press conference on the case after we conclude our investigation. We are still investigating the case, well address the press as soon as we conclude our investigation on the matter, and we are not going to say anything until we conclude our investigations.
   Like I said before, we have never said Baba Suwe was arrested for drug, it is the media that are writing this, we never said he was arrested for drug. On the temperament of the ace comedian, Ofoyeju has only praises for him.


  1. If u have found nothing on him for nine days now,let him go now,they wan start boju boju and mago mago now,this people na wao.Baba Suwe just keep ur cool,wen u come out just sue the hell out of thier ass,period.

  2. NDLEA is crazy, what has this man done to them to deserve all these,