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Friday, November 4

Baba suwe finally released but may be re-arrested by NDLEA

                                                         baba suwe in court on tuesday
--Agency would work within the mandate of the law in pursuing its duties-NDLEA

       Nollywood Popular actor ,Babatunde Omidina a.k.a Baba suwe has been released this morrning after he met his bail terms and conditions. 
   The news just got now is that the lawyers of the agency are perfecting plans to re-arrest the comedian in order to detain and place him under further observation.
     A reliable source inside the agency has informed newsmen  that its officials are working hard to present another legal hurdle for the actor, which may lead to his re-arrest.
      The spokesperson of the NDLEA, Mitchell Ofoyeju, would, however, neither confirm nor deny this, preferring to say that the agency would work within the mandate of the law in pursuing its duties. It was gathered that the agency’s lawyers are working on a fresh injunction from the high court to restrain the actor after he gets his freedom today

      The agency was surely not happy with Justice Yetunde Idowu's order to release baba suwe today November 4 as she criticized them holding him without charges for weeks.
    However ,Femi Oloruntoba, the drug agency’s lead prosecutor, told journalists in Lagos that Baba Suwe’s case would not hurt the agency’s image. “With all the scans and expert opinions, it’s reasonable for us to hold onto him,” the prosecutor said. 

    Baba suwe was arrested on October 12 at Murtala Muhammed international airport when   he wanted to board an Airfrance flight to paris
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  1. congrats to baba suwe, NDLEA are fools