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Tuesday, October 18

Baba suwe made third excretion -No drug found as Nollywood stars protest

      Forty-eight hours after his second excretion which, like the first one, tested negative to drug ingestion, Nollywood comic actor, Baba Suwe, last night made a third excretion which also tested negative to drug peddling, but he will have to make more excretions to convince the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, he is innocent, the agency said this morning.

     According to PM NEWS ,The NDLEA Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju explained in a a telephone interview early today that Baba Suwe whose real name is Babatunde Omidina remains under observation even after his third excretion.

    He said: “I can confirm that Baba Suwe is still under observation. He excreted for the third time last night and no drug was found. But he remains under observation.
   “It will not end at the third excretion because it depends on body composition. For some people it takes more time, more excretions. It really depends on the body of each individual.”
   The Director General of NDLEA, Mr. Femi Ajayi, said in a television interview yesterday that according to standard practice, a drug suspect must test negative at least three times to convince anti-narcotics agents he is innocent after particles are detected by the 2008 United States-donated scanning machine, known as Soter RS.

  According to a text message which emanated from Kosoko and titled ‘Baba Suwe’, he called on other stars to mobilise for a massive rally on behalf of the comedian.
“Baba Suwe is in NDLEA custody without anything implicating found on him. Now it’s time to talk. They owe us explanation as we have to act now. Be prepared for a massive rally. Expect further information on this soon. Pass this to others,” Kosoko said in the text message.
    ANTP members have been passing the text message to one another as they await further directive from the former ANTP president and other top members of the association.
   It was learnt that the ANTP members through the text have been mobilising other members from Lagos and other parts of Nigeria in preparation for what is being described as mother of all rallies.

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  1. They should release this man nau , NDLEA should be sued