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Friday, January 20

      A guy screaming orobo(a slang for a fat person) as I walked down the street jolted me back to the fact that I needed to do something about my weight. 
I have done all the diets under earth including but not limited to atkins diet,dr oz diet,3 day diet,water diet. I only lose weight for the time being and put it back on when I get off the diet . 
     Exercise on its own makes me so hungry when I am done. who can ignore the look of mouth watering pepperoni pizza,bacon double cheese burger from burger king or the awesome fries from macdonalds. I can't just stop eating and the weight piles back on 

I have even considered gastric bypass staring at celebrities like kim kardashian and beyonce, I really just want to be the hot girl on the spot

  I wish I was born in the time of my parents when african beauty was judged by the chubbiness of a woman,her christian mother arms and her jiggly tummy but now all that is an outdated fad. 

Now we celebrate the skinniness of a woman from skinny jeans,skinny belt,pencil skirt even fashion says it all. 

   A lot of women have put themselves on unthinkable diets even whilst pregnant as most ladies don't tend to put on any weight at all. 

     In my quest to discover what the new sexy is, a conversation ensued between I and 2 guys. One of the guys believed the new sexy was the showing of skin, from women exposing their cleavage to wearing of bum shorts which leaves little for a man's wild imagination the 2nd guy disagreed and in his own words,every woman either fat,short,tall,skinny has a bit of sexiness in her own way and I tend to agree with him that the new sexy is appreciating your body the way it is.

Your thoughts below!
Homto dokpesi


  1. Nice work dear! Looking forward to reading more articles from you! Well done!

  2. Being sexy comes from within regardless of size. The ultimate goal is being at a healthy weight (BMI).

    Nice Article Homto!

    - Chioma I.

  3. well said babe!!! it all balls down to you appreciating your body.....

  4. I agree with u H, we are all sexy in our own way. Could be our curves, sexy lips, long legs,even the way we talk and carry ourselves ... Cld be termed has sexy.

  5. Nice Article Homto. Addresses all the angles or individual view points of the subject and they provides a wise conclusion.Such writings educates mind or/and clears the head. This was done concisely but the key facts of the subject matter were presented articulately.That is a trait of a good writer in progress. OF COURSE THERE IS STILL MUCH ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT

  6. Nice article cousin!jst shared d link wit a few friends waitin 2 read more

  7. Beautiful write up, you indeed have highlighted the societal and physcological beliefs that been slim is in fact what is healthy and a norm that should be accepted. but you have not encouraged us on why being chubby, fluffy or orobo has nothing or anything to do with your personality and why it should be accepted. instead you are still drawn and tempted to be slim, so would u keep up with what the society wants or be just you?.........W.DOKPESI

  8. You are who you are don't let society or prejudice tear u apart!being sexy is your attitude skinny or weighty we all have it!keep it sister

  9. Easiest, best, most honest way to get to a healthy weight, is too not diet. To look at your eating habits, what your eating and most importantly why, when you figure out why your eating the way you are (environment, lifestyle, stress, emotions) you can start to change your lifestyle and eating habits slowly, recording your food, setting little goals, such as walking more, drinking more water, ditching fizzy drinks, and slowly ditching fast foods, and start to count your calories.