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Saturday, April 21

"I Am Not Convinced Tupac is Dead"-Suge Knight

Tupac and suge knight

  Rap mogul Suge Knight thinks tupac is still alive. Days after Tupac Shakur appeared in hologram form at a California concert, Knight suggested the rapper might just be in hiding.
  “Nobody seen Tupac dead,” Knight told Los Angeles radio station 93.5 KDAY on Friday.He goes on to explain why cops never found Pac’s murderer because there was no murder.
  “Maybe the question is  Pac’s not really dead , Pac’s somewhere else.”
  Knight explains, “The person who supposedly cremated Tupac … this guy got about 3 million dollars .. personally from me cash and next thing I know I never heard from the guy or seen him again he retired and left.
  Knight was with Tupac when he was slain in a hail of bullets in Las Vegas in 1996. His killer has never been found.Tupac was resurrected at the Coachella Music Festival on Sunday, performing via a high-definition 3-D holographic projection system.