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Sunday, July 24

Falling in love with the wrong person!!!

        You might have been in this situation at one point or the order in your life ,or you have friends having sleepless nights,worries over this issue .
    I often hear people say ‘’ why do the wrong people get attracted so much to me,the way insects cling to sugar?…’’ ..or why am I always so unlucky with relationships?.
Being in a relationship with the wrong person can be so exhausting,because only one person puts in his/his heart,time ,energy.There’s nothing mutual and it is time wasting.The ‘wrong person’will cheat on you,lie to You, use You,he/she hardly calls,texts…you do all the calling all the time, He/she can’t boldly introduce to his/her friends or relatives. 

He is abusive,physically,verbally, emotionally ..even sexually.He/she treats you like ‘’ trash’’ publicly. Sometimes ,you often wonder what you are still doing in such relationship,you really want to come out of it,but you don’t know how to come out of it.

     It takes a determined mind to come out of such relationship because it’s like a trap.The‘’wrong person ‘tends to be very manipulative and pretentious.They are very good story tellers.They hurt you so much,sleep with your friend, and come back with a swollen eyes, sober voice,crying and begging on their knee.They tell you stories like’’ I cheated on you,because I had a bad childhood……My mother told me someone cast a spell on me,that’s why I always hit you…….stories,stories,stories!!!!!!!!!,…They simply never take responsibility for their actions.

      Why do people often stay in these kind of relationship?.The answer is not far fetched. Most people can’t just stand being alone,or they can’t boldly say ‘’ I am still single,am not in a relationship’’.You just can’t say NO to the advances from a guy or lady.[Inability to say ‘’NO’’ is a terrible disease,its worst than HIV,because if you can’t say no,people will trample on you in life.You will be a foot mat,make several mistakes and will always settle for less in life].It is because of this ‘’hunger’ or ‘’rush’ for a partner that makes people to grab anybody that wants to date them.You always want to brag in the midst of your friends that am dating Mr t,Miss K…even when you know the relationship is going nowhere,IF YOU LIE TO THE WHOLE WORLD,MUST YOU LIE TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!

       Also ,so many people find themselves in this situation because they look for the wrong qualities in a partner,so many people place so much priorities on good looks,power ,material things.I believe there’s more to a person than a blue eyes,pink lips,cute smile,working in a big company,having a fleet of car.We should learn to differentiate what we see in movies and read in novels from reality…that’s why they are called make believe. The most important quality to look out for in a partner is –Personality.Personality encompases a lot of what makes a person.Everyone will grow old physically,but a great personality will remain unchanged with age.
     In addition,some people continue dating the wrong person thinking they can change the person.No man has the ability to change another person ,only God can work in a man’s life,heart and completely change the person.Though ,God can use a man,but you can take a horse to the stream,but you can’t force it to drink water.So many people have wasted several years in a fruitless relationship thinking they can change their partners.

   Moreover,I believe the root of this problem is simply ‘’ lack of self love’’.IF you love yourself,know your worth and know that you deserve better.You wouldn’t date or continue dating someone that tosses you around and treats you anyhow. Love makes the world go round, but it all begins with you. If you want others to treat you well, treat yourself well first. If you seek love from another, fall in love with yourself first.

    The truth is that as long as we live, before you meet that ‘special one’,you will always get advances or meet the wrong person.I feel we should try to reach a level of maturity such that we choose who we give our hearts to or fall in love with,stop using your hearts for experiments.By doing so,we will save ourselves a lot of heart breaks and headache.
It’s beautiful and good to fall or be in love,but it’s best to fall or be in love with the “right person”.

    Readers, what do you think?.Share your opinions in your comments below.Let’s discuss!!!!!!!!!!



  1. i like this article die, its an eye opening for especially ladies , no need of staying in a relationship that is not fruitful

  2. God is d best 2 choose right peson 4 human bin. Bt mind u, open ur eyes widly bcs he can nt come down 2 do so

  3. wooooow. just a pinch to my heart, all theses advices realy got me. Nice one