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Sunday, March 25

Love at First Sight ,How true is it?..

     Love at first sight is a widely debated notion.We are all familiar with stories and movies of ‘’Boy meets girl’’ , heart races, pupil dilates ,butterflies in the stomach and as they say, the rest is history.
    I really don’t think it’s possible to really fall in love with someone at first sight,but am quite sure there’s certainly such thing as attraction at first sight..
   Some years ago, I was in a queue trying to get registered in school. A guy drove in and as he got out of the car.I don’t know what it was , and I was stuck .I stared at him for so long.After exchanging pleasantries with some people, he drove off. 
    I was so tired that I decided to eat in one of the eateries in school, when he walked into the eatery,I gasped for breath.well, I never got to speak with him for once, and neither did I get to fall in love with him. I later got to understand that I was just attracted to the way he carried himself…his carriage ,confidence got my attention. 
   Just like me, we often get to meet strangers,we get so attracted to. Often attimes,most people mistake this attraction for love .
    I’m not denying the fact that attraction plays a major role to a lasting relationship,but attraction itself is certainly not love.

You can be attracted to someone by the way they look or the way they act; however, to fall in love you have to get to know someone, and this takes time. I don't believe in "love at first sight." I think true love is something that grows and becomes stronger in time.
    There is no way to tell if love at first sight is truly ‘’love’’ until it passes the test of time. Love at first sight to me is more like an attraction or lust. 

  So…do you believe in love at first sight? Or have you ever experienced it?...share your opinions,let’s discuss…..

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  1. yes it exist, the situation whereby you will just like the guy immediately you see him,but we ladies pretend a lot