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Thursday, December 8

The quest for beauty !!

   In our everyday lives, we all want to be reminded about how gorgeous we look. Compliments like ‘’ You look hot’’…..’’You look so gorgeous’’…or gosh !!you are so fine!!!…could bring smile to the face of a depressed or an angry person.

    Beauty is something we all crave for,I often hear people say that very attractive people tend to get more job opportunities than the less attractive ones  I really don’t know true it is ,because a wise person will never give a dull person a job even if he/she is the most beautiful person in the world. .With all our resources ,we go after things that could really make us attractive and gorgeous.

       In our quest for beauty,it suprises me what so many people do in order to be not taking about the normal cleansing and moisturizing regimen we do every morning.I mean using dangerous bleaching creams, frequent and irrelevant plastic surgeries, excessive make up{ this actually make some ladies look like masquerade or dolls.

Some people tend to chase after every new or latest product ,clothes,designer accessories ,even if it means running into huge depts or even living above their means…..all for just one thing ..‘’Beauty’’,and it leaves me wondering that it’s like most people don’t even know what beauty itself entails.

      I think we all got it wrong from our growing or childhood days,when we read fairy tale books and most of the heroes and heroines described in these books were extremely handsome and beautiful.Also,the media sets exceptionally high standards for beauty.Standards that are hard to achieve for an average woman.
   We buy magazines and want to emulate the fashion models.the models in these mags looks flawless. We live in a culture which has corrupted the idea of beauty.It is important to realize that this is not real beauty.
    Have you ever wondered what you would look like if no one could see your physical body? If people only judged you by your manners,attitudes,intelligence,what would you look like? True beauty is not what you see on the outside,its what you see inside.Real beauty is not about having your eye make up,stylish clothes,or having a perfect body.
Real beauty is about self’s about loving yourself including your flaws.Real beauty is about being honest with yourself no matter how painful it is.Real beauty is loving your body,no matter how imperfect it is.
  Real beauty is not a size ,it’s an attitude.Real beauty is believing that you are BEAUTY itself.

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  1. Good write up,beauty truly comes from inside