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Thursday, June 21

"We Didn't Buy Private Jet,Universal Deal Is Worldwide" -P Square

Peter of P Square in a private Jet 
    Contrary to reports that spread like wildfire few weeks ago that pop duo P Square has acquired a private jet , their publicist has  disclosed that the music stars  do not own a private jet .
    The duo's publicist Bayo Adetu while  talking  to Peace FM Ghana disclosed that it was not true that P-Square had acquired a private jet but rather, the group had a deal with a private jet company, who had designated one private jet to it to use when it deemed it necessary, stressing that Peter and Paul did not own it.
Concerning the private jet, I think it’s been added to P-Square’s entourage because we have a deal with a private jet company, so I mean whenever P-Square has any official show, they are entitled to travel with the private jet anytime any day”.
When asked about P Square's recent collaboration with American rapper Rick Ross,he said  it was a big collaboration and was part of  official contract with Akon’s Konvict Music which involves  both of them  working together with several international artistes.
    He also cleared doubts that the recently signed Universal deal was only limited to South Africa and not  Worldwide.
   "I think there was some misinformation because it is a worldwide contract, but the only thing is that it was signed in South Africa so the representatives from South Africa must have transferred the documents back to their headquarters, which of course, is worldwide.It is not limited to South Africa or Africa, it’s a worldwide thing”
   In a related news the Beautiful onyinye video featuring Rick Ross has received over 1 million views on youtube since it was uploaded on june 12,2012.


  1. people with their nonsense mentality spreading rumours everywhere,P square thumbs up

  2. So why were D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ running dia mouth? Borrow poSerS

  3. bush boy they make phone call in a flying jet....

  4. Peter and paul they done get 2much money having private jet

  5. Nigerians can never appreciate dia stars...carry ur shoulder abeg

  6. Dey've xplaind d jet matter yet una stil dey beef...chileke 4 u ppl o

  7. Yes...they do make phone calls in a private jet

  8. point of correction they dont make call in a flying jet....wen i 1st saw d news i dint believe ..psquare cnt afford 2 pay for a jet hanger talkless 2 buy a jet....acquiring a jet no b beans ooo...point of correction their small compound house @ lola holloway street in omole estate is not worth 300million se na aso rock....psquare n jude shud stop lying 2 us..we re not foolsss..dey dnt ve a lambogini..but dey ve 2 range sport n bmw x6 wit plate num:mr p,ngs and rudeboy.....