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Thursday, June 21

Johnny Depp To Pay Vanessa Paradis £100million to Keep Split Amicable

Johnny depp and vanessa paradis
       Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is going to give Ex-lover Vannessa paradis a huge sum of money .
        The pirates of the carribean star is said to be paying the French singer/actress £100million in a bid to keep the split as amicable as possible for the sake of their children, according to The Sun .
 Depp's networth is more than £200million. Report says since the couple didnt marry before splitting ,Vanessa wouldn't be able to simply claim 50 per cent, child support payments and alimony .
       However,the partner would have to file a civil suit and go to court but Depp is expected to hand over the huge sum anyway in an attempt to keep the split amicable.
     Depp and paradis announced they were splitting on Tuesday after months of denials.  They met in 1998 but never married during their 14-year relationship but lived together with their two children in France. Depp's most recent film credits include "The run diary and "Dark Shadows." He is set to star as Tonto in the big-screen take on "The Lone Ranger," due next year.


  1. split or divorce is the quickest way to get rich now

  2. 2 pp live together for 14 good years,hav bastards as kids, Virtually enjoy all the priviledges of married couples except God's genuine blessings but never marry. What is the world turning into? Fornication and adultery is nw a way of life.few pp are doing the right things. God hav mercy on ur children o.

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  3. yea bastard children.....

  4. 14 years but didnt marry leaving the children as bastards. too much acceptance nowadays god bless the rest of us non sinners