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Tuesday, January 30

“It is not right for a lady to propose to a man” — Emmanuel Ikubese

There people who feel the marriage proposal must be left only to a man to fulfill,
Nollywood actor and model, Emmanuel Ikubese, is among them.

In a quick chat with Hip Tv, Emmanuel declared that it isn’t ideal whatsoever for ladies to propose to a man and women should not turn the bible around.

He said:

“I do not think it is right for a lady to propose to a man. Common! If you propose to a man, are you to see his parents?, pay the groom price? Let us don’t turn the bible upside down. Let us follow the bible on what the bible says let your man find you propose to you, take you to see his parents, pay the bride price and all of those things that is supposed to be done until you become his wife”

He further said:

“It can never happen. Except she wants to propose to be my friend.”