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Tuesday, January 30

“If you ever need a kidney, I got you” – Cardi B Tells Bruno Mars

American female rapper, Cardi B is thrilled with the opportunity that have been given to her through her collaboration with Bruno Mars under the remix of his song "Finesse"

The rapper who was nominated for Two Grammys has taken to social media to pen down a public “thank you message” to Bruno Mars after a Grammy performance.

She also revealed that if he ever need a kidney, she is readily available to help him.

She wrote:

“@brunomars i want to thank you Soo much ! I don’t even know how !maybe one day you’ll need a kidney I got you  Congrats on your Wins tonight you deserve I.T .You sing ,dance play instrument ,produce your videos SHIT you probably know how to build a house .You ARE AMAZING …and you gave me rhythm”

The 60th-edition of the annual Grammy Awards held on 28th of January 2018, and the night saw Bruno Mars night’s biggest winner.