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Sunday, February 1

Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao Set Date To Fight

It is going to be an epic rumble in the jungle as Floyd Mayweather has agreed to fight Manny Pacquiao.Both boxers came to an agreement recently. According to reports,Floyd Mayweather Jr. will fight Manny Pacquiao.It is a done deal as May 2 has been set for the boxers to fight.

Surprisingly, Manny has agreed to only take 40% of the revenue earned that night, while Floyd will get 60% of earnings.

News of the fight circulated the media as it was rumoured that Manny has signed off to the fight weeks ago and they were just waiting for Mayweather to agree.Both boxers were in attendance at the Miami Heat game and had a private meeting to discuss all the details so it has become a reality.

According to, Manny "Well we're just waiting for, I mean there is time to, now we're just waiting for the signed contracts from Floyd's team. If they say yes and sign the contract, then the fight will go on."

So,which of these boxers are you placing a bet on?