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Friday, January 30

North West flushes Kanye West's Phone Down The Toilet

Mischief just might be North West's strong suit as revealed during a recent interview on Jan. 28 by Kim Kardashian.The celebrity daughter of Mr and Mrs West made an attempt to flush Kanye West's phone down the toilet.

Kim told Ryan Seacrest during the interview that North had been playing with Kanye's phone when suddenly she heard, "the toilet flushing and flushing."

Kim then went on to talk about how she doesn't just have one phone, but three.

"Not last night, but the night before, I hear North in the bathroom and I hear the toilet flushing and flushing," Kim said. "And I run in there and I'm like, 'Wait a minute babe,' to Kanye. 'Didn't she have your phone a second ago?'"

She continued, "The phone was in the toilet!," she said while laughing. "I put it in a bag of rice, [but] nothing worked.

She also addressed the rumors that she is carrying her second child.Kim and her rapper husband are desperately trying to have another baby.We can only hope Fate smiles on them soon.