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Saturday, November 22

Test prep company uses Kim Kardashians butt to teach maths

Kim Kardashian's butt can't seem to stay out of the news.Aside from breaking the internet recently,Kim's butt is helping ASSpiring SAT students to understand maths(talk about social service).

Catalyst, a test prep company, is using the ultimate semi-circle in its latest pop-culture-inspired questions to get students prepared for the SAT. The median age of the test taker is 16, so Kardashian's naked butt is a perfect topic as it covers the basics of maths including circumference,angles and area of a circle.Geddit?

Here is an example of the test
1. The celebrity booty pictured on the left has an area of 64 pi and is divided into eight congruent regions. What is the perimeter of one of these regions?
a) (16 + 32 pi)/3
b) (16 + 8 pi)/3
c) (16 + 4 pi)/3
d) 16 + 2 pi
e) 16 + 4 pi

What can I say?Kim Kardashian's butt - helping students understand basic geometry since 2014.Quirky,isn't it?