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Monday, November 24

Eminem apologizes to Iggy Azalea over rape lyrics in new song

After threatening to rape Iggy Azalea in a recent track titled 'Vegas',Slim Shady rapper, Eminem is apologizing to Iggy who was shocked when she heard the offensive lyrics of 'Vegas.'

Despite Iggy's comeback diss at Eminem at the American music awards,the rapper is still sorry about his indiscretion and he made it known on his new song called "Guts Over Fear." Here are some of the lyrics.

"It just breaks my heart to look at all the pain I caused
But what am I gonna do when the rage is gone?
And the lights go out in that trailer park…
And I'm frozen cause there's no more emotion for me to pull from
Just a bunch of playful songs that I made for fun"

Yeah,controversy is truly played out.Just stick to the art of making real music,Em.