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Wednesday, September 17

Rapper,Gucci Mane senntenced to three more years in prison

Gucci Mane is guilty of cracking a soldier over the head with a bottle of vodka, and was hit with another three year prison sentence.

The new sentence will run concurrently with his previous 39-month, illegal firearm sentence.
Radric Davis,aka Gucci Mane has been sentenced to three years in prison for hitting an Army staff sergeant with a bottle at the Harlem Nights club in Atlanta on March 16, 2013. The sergeant walked up to Davis in the club's VIP section.

"Rather than accommodating the admiring fan, Davis, for no explicable reason, instead, hit the victim over the head with a vodka bottle and then hurriedly left the club," District Attorney Paul Howard said in a statement. "The victim sustained a deep laceration to his forehead which required ten stitches."

He just released another album, titled 'The Return Of Mr. Perfect'(which is very odd) since he is not as perfect as he claims but the' return' to prison is quite apt,has to be said.Hope Time flies for him.What do you say?