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Wednesday, September 17

R and B sensation,Usher allegedly in secret wedlock to his manager

Usher has been open about his split from Tameka Raymond and lately,rumours has it that Miguel has been spotted in public rocking some suspicious left-hand bling…could it be true?

Usher might be proclaiming that he is ready to walk down the aisle again, but has he already tied the knot?
The 35-year-old R&B singer in recent years has been quiet about his love life as a result of his two-year-marriage to ex-wife Tameka Raymond that ended badly. Recently,the 'good kisser' has been very open about giving marriage a second try.

It is believed that Mr Raymond might just be married aside from the fact he has been gushing about it,lately. Usher might have pulled a Janet Jackson, and got hitched in a secret wedding. The bride? His manager Grace Miguel, who he has been dating since 2009 without drawing attention.

So what makes the idea of a secret ceremony plausible?first of all, Miguel has been spotted wearing a ring on her left ring finger,her three kids who are very active on social media have all referred to Usher as their stepfather in past posts. Even one of Grace's nieces has addressed him as "Uncle Usher" on her Twitter feed.

Just maybe,Usher has married Grace Miguel.Who knows?