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Wednesday, September 3

Meet British GQ's Woman of the year,Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian is simply a media sensation.Mrs West has been honoured by GQ magazine as The Woman of the year.
A lot has happened for the reality tv star in a short period of time,from last year,precisely.Recently,Kim tied the knot with her hip hop boyfriend,Kanye West in one of the most lavish ceremonies on record, and made the transition from 'just another' reality TV star to bona fide media sensation.

Maybe it would be worth the banter to argue that she is the most famous woman in the world.Hold your horses and consider Barack Obama talking about her. It wouldn't be wrong, either, to say she has redefined the meaning of pop culture in the space of 12 months.

In her own words: "What a huge honour to win Woman of the Year. It's so special. I want to thank my husband for making me feel like the Woman of the Year every single day."

We hear you,K.You are indeed awesome.