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Friday, September 19

Big Pun's wife sues Fat Joe for almost 10 years of unpaid royalties


It is safe to say Terror squad is defunct after what seems like a 'never ending' hiatus.The late Big Pun's widow is pressing charges against Fat Joe, claiming she has not received royalty cheques from the rapper since 2005.

Awful,after almost a decade.Pun's widow who goes by the name,Liza Rios wants more than a million dollars since her late husband's albums including the posthumous tracks have sold copies.According to her,Fat Joe is a cheat and a betrayer.As we all know,Big Punisher died in 2000 as a result of a heart attack.
Liza Rios is beside herself, she says in a new lawsuit hubby Big Pun had a deal with Fat Joe to split the fortune Pun made from songs like "I'm Not A Player.".
Both Fat Joe and Liza Rios have had more than a few public feuds over the years and Joe has even written diss real songs about her.