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Saturday, August 30

The eccentric Snoop Dogg changes his name again

  I don't know if I ever thought of him as 'Snoop Lion' after he ridiculously changed his name(and tried to change his image.)
   Well, the rapper has changed his name again and this time,it is...Wait for it! TODD!!. Oh yes and he's white.There has been an impending scream for help and this is the time to let loose(well,those who care,actually).
  Snoop has been posting videos in white face, calling himself Todd, and doing advertisements for a website called WhiteGuysConnect. Todd says he enjoys crocheting, paintball and spoken word poetry.Maybe,just maybe,we need to stop considering his past glory as an actual rapper (since he has stopped living up to expectations) and reprimand him,seriously.Todd,why now?