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Thursday, April 12

Rick Ross Cancels Concerts After Suffering Third Seizure

Rick ross

   Rapper Rick Ross has cancelled few concerts after sufferring third seizure few days ago .He was scheduled to perform April 9 at Guyana national stadium at the easter Festival  but couldn't and the show was cancelled .
    In a statement obtained by Allhiphop , the show Organizers revealed that Rick Ross was forced to cancel the show , because he suffered from a seizure.
    "The medical condition left the rap star unable to fly", according to the statement.
The artist has suffered a medical emergency and has been ordered by his doctors not travel,”
   Reps for Rick Ross have stated that he will make up the canceled date in Guyana, but there could be issues with a missed date in Houston the night before.The Maybach Music Group leader was also supposed to perform at the Bayou Music Center in Houston on April 8, but missed that performance as well.
     Rick Ross ,who is getting ready to release his fifth studio album "God Forgives I dont" had previously suffered from two seizures last october .

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  1. Dude needs to lose a lot of weight!