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Thursday, April 12

Obama Calls Kanye West 'Very Talented' But Still a 'Jackass'

    President Barack obama has told the Atlantic he prefers Jay Z over kanye west,who he called "very talented but still a "jackass"
   Obama memorably dubbed West a jackass in September 2009 after the hip-hop superstar's notorious and rambling interruption of Taylor swift's acceptance speech at that year's  MTV video music awards.
"I like Kanye," Obama told The atlantic's david samuel at a political fundraiser in New York City. "He's a Chicago guy. Smart. He's very talented."
"Even though you called him a jackass?" Samuels asked."He  is a jackass," Obama replied." But he's talented."
   The president has previously said that he has Jay-Z on his iPod, as well as Frank Sinatra, and opera legend Maria Callas. But no Justin Bieber.

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