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Friday, February 10

Stephanie okereke is not in my class ,Not on the same level-Ex-Husband finally talks

   Chikelue iloanusi ,Nigerian ex-footballer and ex-husband of nollywood star actress ,stephanie okereke has finally talked about his failed marriage to the actress .
   He disclosed to a national newspaper in an exclusive interview.Read the excerpts below.
     Chike was asked the main reason they broke up , "she sued me for N100m,now the court has thrown out the case".
He continued:
  "If you say I’m married to somebody in America, you have to prove that I have not dissolved the marriage. You have to show the court the document in your possession that proves you are telling the truth about the marriage. But she didn’t show the court anything. The court said it would allow everybody to go their own way. It said the marriage did not exist, since it did not produce any issue. She claimed she was feeding me, yet she sued me for N100m where would she have expected me to get the money to pay her? This is a new year. I don’t want to talk about this girl. Life goes on. If you keep talking about somebody everyday and the person doesn’t say anything, won’t you get tired?"
   He was asked if he was married as stephanie claimed ,he said if he was married to another woman ,she should have sued him for bigamy .

Chike was aksed what he wishes for stephanie ;
  "I don’t want her to come out of this one again. I’m not an issue for her. I want her to get married. Even if she wants to remarry, does she have to tell the general public about it? Nobody is stopping her. Everything about life is about upbringing and orientation, but I wish her the best of luck. I’m not competing with her. She no longer exists in my life. I’m only advising her. I don’t want her to come out of this marriage again. I don’t have to tell the whole world that I’m engaged. I hope she doesn’t come out of this marriage again and start going to newspapers saying the man did this or that to her. I don’t want anybody to break her heart. It is not as if I cannot respond to everything she has been saying about me in the newspapers, it is just that she is not in my class"

   He concluded that he is not jealous of the actresss getting married to another man
 "  Honestly, from the bottom of my heart, I’m not jealous. Why should I be jealous of her? She is in the past. I’ve moved on with my own life. There is absolutely no reason for me to be jealous. Any time somebody asks her anything about me, she will start criticising me. You can never hear me talk ill about her. If you ask me, I will tell you she doesn’t exist in my life. We’re not on the same level. I am begging her to go and marry. Some people phoned me to say she would wed in Paris, but I don’t care. She can go and marry in heaven"
   Chikelue got married to stephanie in 2004 before seperating due to irreconcilable differences.


  1. chikeloe is definitely jealous SMH

  2. I think Stephanie is still inlove wit d ex husband dats why she kept on talking abt d man. If u say u don't want a man why do u have to do things to make him feel hurt by telling him uare getting married. Abeg my girl dis is childish ok. A man can always marry anytime he wants and even marry d most beautiful and sexy woman in dis world. How are we sure dis new won't kick u out aftr marrying u. He may just want to marry u just to know how ur pussy taste and to ans a
    hubby of an actress not for love .iwonder why our actresses are not good wife material.hmmmmm.

    1. You sound kinda daft... Save the sermon for someone who cares what your over righteous self has to say

  3. Wow its good u hav moved on.

  4. I seriously think this anonymous is

  5. @ Beverly, for real? How can she when she's just got married. U think she will have time to be checking blogs to reply her krazy ex?
    Hell No, the girl just got married to the man of her dreams and every girl's dream wedding.
    As per you 2nd Anon, get a life, inlove with who? So because she's spoken about the krazy man now she's inlove. Wht planet are u on? U sound dumb and foolish.
    As per Mr Ex-Husband, I won't even call u an ex because the wedding was annulled, so in the eyes of the Law u Were never married. Why didn't u proof u were not married? Why did u agree to an annulment? Which we know is fraud? Pls shut up and get a life with your sick pathetic fiancee. Now u tell us u are engaged? Who cares Mr Failed Footballer? Well she did marry in Heaven, Paris is every woman's heaven. U stupid silly jealous, woman basher punk...

  6. Sorry dear blck babrbie, i dont know whos the stephanie nor the ex husband,and wldnt bother to know them anyway...tho i'm baffled with ur phrase "paris is every woman's heaven" my dear i must confess to you been living in France for over 13yrs, paris is no heaven atall,perhaps for visitors like you....cheers x