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Saturday, January 14

If NLC Compromises,they have betrayed Nigerians - Femi Kuti

Femi at Gani fawehinmi park 

    Femi Anikulapo Kuti ,Grammy award nominee and son of Afrobeat legend Fela featured on sunrise daily on channels  TV few minutes ago and shared his opinion on recent removal of fuel subsidy.
Femi said;
   It is  "N65 or nothing and if the labour compromises, then they have betrayed us".Or lets go down to N55 or even N45 ,We should be in a state where water should be expensive than petrol.N65 or nothing and anybody that goes against that has betrayed us forever and his/her name will be brought to book. We will even be happy if the federal Government says it is N50 now.

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