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Friday, November 11

Meet the 2011 Miss Nigeria Contestants

2010 Miss Nigeria-Damilola Agbajor

    The Miss Nigeria organization has just revealed the 37 finalists for 2011 Miss Nigeria  competition.The grand finale will take place at Eko Hotels & Suties on November 18th, 2011.
     The winner will walk away with full Scholarship to be educated in an Institution of Higher Learning, anywhere in the world . Luxury Car ,One year salary package of N3million naira. VLISCO designer Wardrobe for 1 year from Vlisco 2012 Collection.

The Winner of the 2011 Miss Nigeria Competition will also enjoy an all expense paid trip to the Six Yards exhibition in Arnhem, Netherlands courtesy of Vlisco.See the contestants below

Miss kogi
                                                            Miss Adamawa -

Miss Jigawa

Miss Akwa Ibom

Miss Nassarawa

Miss Kogi

Miss Abia
Miss ebonyi

Miss edo

Miss Enugu

Miss Imo

Miss kwara

Miss ondo

Miss taraba

Miss borno
Miss Gombe

Miss Abuja

Miss Anambra

Miss Bauchi

Miss bayelsa

Miss Benue

Miss cross river

Miss Delta

Miss Ekiti

Miss Kaduna

Miss Kano

Miss Katsina

Miss kebbi

Miss Lagos

Miss Niger

Miss Ogun

Miss Osun

Miss Oyo

Miss Plateau

Miss rivers

Miss Sokoto

Miss Yobe

Miss Zamfara

Who do you think deserves the crown ? Share your thoughts below!!!!!


  1. Miss. Adamawa is BEAUTIFUL...!

  2. this is so hilarious are u trying to make a mockery of the word beauty pageant or becos of the crisis in Nigeria u want to show to the rest of the world that things are hard for Nigerian anyway go on with ur contest of ugliness sorry i mean beauty pageant  

  3. ABOH MBAISE BLOKE-AFAM NNAJIDecember 10, 2011 at 7:31 AM



    I have to emphasize here that all these unnecessary waste
    and squandering  of hard-earned revenue
    and workers' tax money should be nipped in the bud before it does us all in and
    becomes self-destructive, for all this money and its value could rightly,
    justly and judiciously be spent on improving the conditions of our infrastructure,
    such as the provision of good drivable roads, supply of good old life-saving
    electricity and drinkable pipe-borne water and even clean breathable air devoid
    of pollutants and toxics, rather than give it away each year to faceless ugly
    ass dirty bitches and whores who hardly know their left from their right. What
    we have embarked on is an indication of copying half-baked ideas from the
    Western world especially from America, which really depicts or dubs us as
    "copycats" and relegates us Nigerians to what I might term as
    "patch-work selves," endangering, hindering or stripping us of any
    originality, imagination, ingenuity, creativity, guile, insight, inventiveness,
    gumption, adroitness, resourcefulness and vision, farsightedness, artistry and

  4. ABOH MBAISE BLOKE-AFAM NNAJIDecember 10, 2011 at 7:31 AM

    Listen Dickheads, you gotta be out of your sick mind to parade these urgliness as beauty pageants. Were these all you could find? And to think that you ignorant never-do-gooders, could summon the affrontery to post these gruelsome bunch online for the world to see only serves to reiterate your timidity. If you must know and deviod of tribalism or favoritism,  there are only two of these appish-looking broads that facially come close to being somewhat beutiful-the Cross River and the Abiam States broads only.  

  5. Misses Edo, Anambra, Abuja and Plateu, may consider Katsina and Cross River

  6. Gosh!!! What kinda ugly gals r these? Do they think this is a joke or what? I can only pick out 2gals that are just ok. Na wa ooooo; what do we call PAGEANT in Nigeria? This is sad. *smh*

  7. hmm i go for miss gombe ,she is pretty