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Friday, October 28

King Wasiu Ayinde named Fuji musicians leader, assumes late barrister's position

       Elders and Executive members of Fuji Musicians association of Nigeria ,FUMAN have named King wasiu Ayinde Marshall the Grand patron of the Association. They honoured him with the title during their visit to his Ijebu ode,Ogun state residence.The honour was backed with a letter dated 25 October, 2011 and a communiqué signed by at least 34 state chairmen, including the President of the association, Alhaji Saka Odunsi a.k.a. Saka Orobo
      Speaking after the presentation of the letter, King Wasiu said that he is highly elated to step into the shoes of the late Alhaji Ayinde Barrister.
“I have said it time without number that I am bigger than the National Chairman of FUMAN and I am not contesting it with anyboby.
    Continuing, he said that with the honour bestowed on him, he will continue to contribute to the development of the association and that he will ensure that the association is well organised