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Friday, October 28

Keri Hilson takes shot at Nigerian Artiste's Lyrics

   American R &B singer Keri Hilson posted on her page that she just listened to a nigerian artiste's song and he kept repeating the same lyrics "Make you lick yaa speakers.

   This is a very funny but true situation in Nigerian Music .
what do you feel about this?share your thoughts below!!!!
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  1. And this girl is not smart enough to tell us who the artist is. 

  2. first,most of us (Nigerians) dnt even know whose song it is.Out of all d good popular songs in Nig', dats d one she found to listen to?..No big deal, cos do you know how many worst singers n rappers in the US?. a lot. may b d person is not even a Nigerian sef, cos she shld hav tweeted d name and not d word Nigerian,cos dat makes it a shot at d majority and not dat one person..well dats her opinion.

  3. she was absolutely right. a thousand and one self-acclaimed musicians in nigeria are just media overrated. they force themselves to sing when the talent is not really there. they are just wannabees, drown in their own folly, and being taken advantage of by the media. I have much respect for a few like Asa. she sings beautifully with a message

  4. She can go to HELL for all i care...leave us with our songs and face your own country...Ashana....oshi.......shioooooooo.......

  5. i am rolling on the floor with laugh ,i could imagine what she was passing through while listening to that song