Kcee of KC presh finally speaks-break up was a mutual decision

      Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as KC from the famous group KC Presh finally speaks up on speculated rumors that have been circulating in the entertainment industry in the last couple of weeks.

  In a statement issued through his publicity firm, Verbana Servicing Outfit. KCEE confirms that the duo have split to pursue solo careers after 12 years of performing in a group. It was a mutual decision taken by the group to show their fans their individual genre of music. This is not the first time this has been done in the entertainment industry, Outcast decided to record solo songs at some point in their career.

   KCEE  who came in to the limelight in 2000, via a gold circle condom nationwide tour, which saw the likes of Plantation Boiz, The Remedies, Basket Mouth and Julius Agwu, who was actually responsible for introducing the group to the management of Gold circle condom.
What a lot people don’t know, says KCEE, is that Idris Abdulkareem was the one, who asked me to register for Star quest, after he saw the performance and the response of the audience during the nationwide tour.

   In 2002 Idris advice paid off as they won star quest, a competition which was star studded, with ASA, Nigaa Raw, Zule Zoo, The natives, Medina, Samsong, Klint Da Drunk, all veterans who have or are still making a mark in the entertainment scene.

  Winning the competition was the platform which helped the group, says KCEE, and gradually established us as a household brand, and led to them gracing the stage with international artistes such as 50cent, Jarule, Tpain, Shaggy, R Kelly, Busta Rhymes, Nelly, NAS, Kanye West, Koffi Olumide, Kirk Franklin, fat joe, Akon  , and performing at the Triangle of peace in Dubai  with Nelson Mandela in attendance, The Ruler of dubai and also the president of world bank.

    The fact that the duo have decided to go solo after 12 years doesn’t mean that there aren’t friends, as they live in the same neighborhood, and  worked as closely as brothers.
KCEE embarks on his solo career in grand style as he offers a rebranded package to his fans with his genre of music, stage name and his dress sense, doing away with the bling that was associated with the segemenge crooner. 
    I want to be taken seriously, as I intend to make an impact in the industry and turn around the perception of entertainers in Nigeria says KCEE, as he jokingly interjects that he is now on twitter @KceeO, an avenue which he claims will be an expression of his thoughts.

KCEE, has also released his first single as a solo artiste, a song titled OKPEKETE, which is a fusion of highlife, hip hop, dance hall and the proverbial unique genre that he is known for, which tells us what to expect from the album. He also features a couple of notable artiste’s in the entertainment industry and is currently in the studio working with the best producers to wrap up the final details of the album.

    OKPEKETE shows the versatility of KCEE as he experiments with beats, new sounds, song themes, concepts and still maintains that distinctive element that can only be attributed to the former segemenge crooner.

  The song has a distinctive a blend of major genres of music which will appeal to all music lovers irrespective of favourite genre of music, age and gender
The song was produced by Soso and would be released under a new record label, called 5 star Music.

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