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Tuesday, January 16

Robbery allegations - Mr 2kay replies Shina Peller

     If you can recall some months ago,  when news broke out about the robbery of Nigerian musician, Mr 2kay.

The Singer, whose real name is Abinye David Jumbo, was robbed in his room at Eko hotel months ago.

During an interview CEO of Quilox, Shina Peller said he doesn't believe Mr 2kay was rich enough to possess those expensive things that he claimed he was robbed of.

In response, the singer reacted to Shina Peller’s comments, saying that  he can own anything he desires.
He said: “I feel nothing about it because I’m blessed; everybody is entitled to their own opinion so what he said is his own opinion, I have nothing against him and I don’t care because I’m blessed by the grace of God.”
“Well, I guess, it’s cool we all leave it at this.”