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Friday, January 19

2Face recounts robbery incident

2 face I DiBiase narrowly escaped death on the streets of Lagos, this is the story.

The date was Thursday, October 4, 2007. 2face Idibia was in a car with a couple of friends including Ifeanyi Odogwu brother to the singer, Faze when they were attacked by gunmen. 2face was shot on his thigh during the process.

According to Ifeanyi who gave a detailed account of what happened, he said the gunmen had with them, locally made guns.

"All I can remember is that at Cele Bus Stop along Oshodi-Apapa Expressway in Lagos we suddenly started hearing 'Open' 'Open'. An attempt by 2Face to open the door the man who had a locally made gun opened fire on him. 2Face himself started shouting 'Run Run'," he explained to Ayeni Adekunle who covered the story when it broke.

Luckily, , 2face wasn't badly hurt as he had a laptop on his lap when he was shot at which prevented the bullets from penetrating deeply into his body.

After the ugly incident, 2Face was rushed to Cedar Group Hospital at Festac Town where he underwent a minor surgery to remove the 22 bullets from his thigh. This was the same hospital he was treated for his 2005 robbery attack.


At the time of the incident, 2Face was on his way to FESTAC Town from Murtala Mohammed international airport. He had just won the "Best African Act" at the 12th edition of MOBO awards in London when he was attacked by robbers.

On Monday, October 8, 2007, 2face Idibia during his recovery process spoke to the media. "I thank God. ‘Cos I know it’s not luck. The bullet could have hit me somewhere more dangerous. So I really thank God, and I’m really trying to understand what he’s trying to tell me with this incident" said 2face Idibia.

The "gaga shuffle" crooner  further said "we didn’t know it was robbers. We even thought it was a car trying to ram into us. It was not until I saw the gun, and heard the shot that I realised what they wanted. So I told my guy, let’s find our way o… these guys mean business. I didn’t even know the bullet hit me. It was while we were running, that my left leg started failing me, that I realised what had happened."

"It’s really sad; that people would allow frustration lead them into doing such things. There are people on the road, selling stuff, trying so hard to make it. Nothing comes easy in life; you’ve just got to keep trying. I pray they’ll convert all the energy they use to organise those attacks into doing positive things that’ll help their lives."

Thankfully, 2face Idibia has not been attacked by robbers ever since then.