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Sunday, November 30

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian;plans of breaking the internet with nude shoot

Here is something to look forward to if you are inquisitive and..pervy,perhaps. Hollywood's most controversial couple are back at it again. Kimye is looking to reenact another internet 'breaking' news after Kim exposed her bare butt and breasts for 'Paper' magazine a while ago.

Kanye West wants to take part in another photo shoot with his wife..NUDE!!! .Will they ever stop?
 Well,the rapper hopes to capture the essence of their romance as art and he believes that conducting the shoot will be a good decision.

As we all know,Kanye orchestrated the Kim Kardashian nude photoshoot for 'Paper' magazine that broke the internet. He is still enamoured with the pictures and he thinks another nude shoot featuring both him and his wife will be worth it.