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Saturday, November 29

Busta Rhymes suffers head injury after falling off stage during concert performance

Trevor Smith AKA,Busta Rhymes suffered an head injury after falling off the stage during a show in New York.The rapper who made a surprise appearance at the show was taken backstage in his bloodied state to be treated due to the gash as a result of the fall. 

Apparently,fans can be assured that the rapper is in good shape as he went on Twitter to confirm that he would make a full recovery. 

'I salute all calls frm family and friends makin' sure I'm good. Just 4 the record I'm super good!! When u love what u do and ur passionate about winning u go hard!!!

Busta Rhymes slipped and fell while leaning a bit over the pit to reach out to his fans.

'We done fell off stages and broke limbs while performing and kept going!!! We stay on level 10...' he tweeted.

Glad he is doing okay.This is serious,that fall could be DANGEROUS.