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Monday, November 10

Beyonce Knowles poses in swimsuit that reads '99 problems but my ass ain't one'

99 of Beyonce's problems would be what exactly?maybe where to park her butt.Recently,the exquisite slice of feminity which is Beyonce posted some awe inspiring photos of herself which showed off her figure over the weekend.

The diva's photo featured a title of one of her rapper husband timeless rap songs "99 Problems" and had the words "99 problems… but my ass ain't one" written across it.

Beyonce also posted some photos showing off her fashion and another picture featuring her daughter Blue Ivy.

We all rightly have a part to play in making the world a better place.Beyonce has done her part and with this picture,I want to believe she is still doing her part..if not for the men.We see you,B.