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Sunday, September 14

Kim Kardashian labelled a liar by her friends

Guess who has been labelled a liar,lately.A lot of people are not particularly happy about Kim Kardashian's behaviour.According to reports,the reality tv star is losing her friends because she keeps lying to them about her whereabouts.

She tells her friends that she is busy all the time filming the show, but in reality she is just with Kanye and does not want to tell us that.She is a mother now.
If people were really her friends, we'd think she could at least tell them why she can't hang our.I guess she is having trust issues because of her status.

The only person who really knows what's going on though is Kim, so as long as she's happy with her decisions, that's what's important to her.

1 comment:

  1. Of course shes a liar, always has been. everyone knows this 2 timing bitch has had major plastic surgery over the years yet she continues to deny having any work done, keep injecting fat into your ass kim, that block of cheese aint going anywhere. by the time your 50 your ass will be drooping like melted cheese. can someone say disgusting!