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Saturday, August 23

Stupid or reckless?:Justin Bieber rents mansion just to throw parties

   I would say Justin Bieber is 'stupendously wealthy' but is that a plausible reason to make such a stupid decision as he has done.
The blonde star(the literal and the urban definition of 'blonde') has decided to rent a 29,000 dollars a month mansion after moving into his new condo in Beverly Hills.Well,he is moving again surprisingly and the new house he is renting isn't even for him to live in, he's paying just to have a place to PARTY!!!
  After Justin's house was raided earlier this year, he is bent on never having the situation repeat itself again and that prompted his decision. He might end up sleeping there from time to time, but still has the Beverly Hills condo, and will use that as his base.
  This isn't the wisest decision Biebs has ever made but we hope he doesn't regret it which is unlikely as long as the girls are still screaming at his concerts.